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Our epoxy paste dries extremely quickly in addition to being odourless and durable.

We also supply T-ports and side-by-side caulking guns.

PEP is dedicated to our products with guaranteed Proven Epoxy results.

PEP 233 Gel, 450 mL

Two-part concrete crack filler for repairs up to ½″. Water resistant.

PEP 231 LV, 450 mL

Two-part concrete crack filler for repairs up to ⅛″. Water resistant.

PEP 222, 450 mL (Part A, Part B) Epoxy Bonder

Quick-dry curing epoxy paste. Ideal for adhering T-ports prior to epoxy crack injection.

With PEP #222, you can inject within 20 minutes!

How to Use


Remove all loose concrete, residue, and contaminants with a wire brush. Ensure the area is completely dry before repair.


Mix enough product to be used within 5 minutes by combining equal amounts of part A and B on a flat, non porous surface until mixture turns evenly light grey.


Apply #222 mixture on ports and adhere to the crack ensuring the opening over the crack allows clear passage from port to crack. Seal the rest of the crack.


Allow product to cure according to temperature:
12 hours at 30°C
24 hours at 20°C
48 hours at 10°C

Our Company

Proven Epoxy Products is a Canadian, family-owned and operated business, that has supplied concrete filler epoxy products for the repair of concrete cracks, since 2001.

Directly supplying our products to our customers allows us to offer you an unmatched value for quality construction materials.

Health & Safety

  • Ensure the use of rubber gloves, protective clothing, and eye protection epoxy mixture.

  • If skin contact occurs, clean affected area immediately with resin remover, followed by soap and water. If irritation persists, seek medical assistance.

  • If contact with eyes occur, immediately flush eyes with lukewarm water and promptly seek medical assistance.

  • If epoxy is ingested, drink water immediately and do not induce regurgitation. Contact poison control immediately.

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